Chefs Basting Bowl
Code: FS-A258
Price: Rs.275


Easily squeeze, baste and flavor all your favorite foods.
The Chefs Basting Set includes a heat resistant
silicone squeeze brush and jar for all your basting needs.
Now you can safely brush a hot pan or food without
burning yourself or your utensils. 
- Safely brush and grease a hot pan or food
- Quickly and easily add flavor to everything you cook
- Includes a heat-resistant silicone squeeze brush and glass jar for all your basting needs
- Innovative Jar and Brush combo docking system 
- Conveniently brush oil, marinade, BBQ or any other sauce
Material - Glass Bowl with Silicon Brush 
Size: Bowl - 8 x 10 cm, Brush - 5 x 11 cm
Unit: 1 No.



Delivery fee per kg:
Chennai - Rs.30
Tamil Nadu - Rs.45
Other State - Rs.75